VDMA Air Filter Information 2015

10.03.2015 | id:2128085

Air filters are a core component of air handling equipment. They are found in a wide range of devices and systems in air conditioning and dust extraction technology. Many specific filter media and designs are available to users for specific applications. Air filters are inspected and classified in accordance with European standards with respect to their separation/retention capacity.

The aim of the Air Filter Information is to give decision-makers in the many different user sectors a quick overview of the existing structures and technical rules, as well as the possibilities and limits regarding the use of air filters. A key aspect in this is determining whether or not it is possible to compare the filter classes in air conditioning and dust extraction technology.

The VDMA Air Filter Information clearly shows the existing filter groups and classes (air conditioning technology DIN EN 779:2012 and DIN EN 1822:2011) and the respective dust classes (dust-eliminating machines – DIN EN 60335-2-69:2010) together with the prescribed test dusts/aerosols and the specific parameters, such as the separation level and maximum transmittance, with respect to the planned use and the relevant standards. In addition, notes provide important insights into the respective inspection standards.

The revised new edition of the original brochure from 2012 is now available in two languages (DE/EN).

The Air Filter Information is a joint product provided by the Air Conditioning and Ventilation Technology and Air Pollution Control specialist departments within VDMA's Air Handling Technology Association.

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Montigny, Christine
Montigny, Christine
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