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19.06.2017 The Air Pollution Control Department focuses on raising awareness and public relations. Based on discussions in various working groups, a series of guidelines, rules and standards, and procedural manuals for everyday work have been created. What all these publications have in common is that they are based on the daily work and experiences of employees of the VDMA's member companies and other experts who were willing to contribute their practical knowledge. These practical guidelines are not only precise, to the point, and easily comprehensible; they're also adapted to the company's day-to-day work requirements. All publications by the specialist department Air Pollution Control, most of which are available for free download, are listed below.

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VDMA standard sheets

Einheitsblatt VDMA 24179-2 Absauganlagen für Holzstaub und -späne - Anforderungen für Ausführung und Betrieb

19.06.2017 Absauganlagen für Holzstaub und -späne - Anforderungen für Ausführung und Betrieb. Das Einheitsblatt gilt für Absauganlagen und Entstauber zum Absaugen von Staub und Spänen, die beim Be- und Verarbeiten von Holz- und Holzwerkstoffen anfallen.

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New publication of the English translation of the VDMA Specification 24188

19.06.2017 VDMA Specification 24188, which was published with the publication date June 2011, has now been translated. The specification entitled “Smoke Protection Measures For Stairwells – Removal Of Smoke, Dilution Of Smoke, Smoke Extraction” is now available in German and English.

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Smoke Extraction Policy Paper

19.06.2017 This paper describes the various requirements for smoke extraction and measures for rescuing oneself and others, as well as for extinguishing the fire and protecting property.

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CEN/TC 142 Woodworking machines - safety

CEN/TC 142 WG 10 - "Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen -Sicherheit" (Woodworking machines - safety)

19.06.2017 The European standardization committee CEN/TC 142 'Woodworking machines – safety' is concerned with standardizations for design and manufacture in the areas of safety and ergonomics of machines and tools for treating and processing wood and similar materials, taking into account the specifications of the European Machinery Directive and their respective purposes.

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Introductory article on the revised DIN EN 12779

19.06.2017 Safety of woodworking machines – Chip and dust extraction systems with fixed installation – Safety requirements.

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Cross-Industry Collaboration

Forum Umwelttechnik (Environmental Engineering Forum)

19.06.2017 Together with the specialist departments for waste disposal and recycling technology and water and sewage technology, the specialist department Air Pollution Control constitutes the Environmental Engineering Forum within the VDMA.

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Forum Gebäudetechnik (Building Services Equipment Forum)

19.06.2017 Founded in 2011 in cooperation with seven associations within VDMA, the VDMA Forum Technical Building Equipment is dedicated to the challenge of integrated concepts in technical building equipment, among other issues.

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Christine Montigny

Technical Manager Air Pollution Control


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Assistant Air Pollution Control, Public Relations, Blue Competence


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