Dust Removal Technology

Working group Entstaubungstechnik (Dust Removal Technology)

19.06.2017 The Dust Removal Technology working group consists of managing directors or engineering directors from largely medium-sized companies and focuses on technical discussions.

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Working group Aerosole (Aerosols)

Working group Aerosole (Aerosols)

19.06.2017 The manufacturing companies of the working group Aerosols offer extraction systems and devices for various industrial processes where aerosols are released and have to be separated for purposes of health and environmental protection.

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Managing Directors Air Pollution Control

Manager discussion group on the topic of prevention of air pollution

19.06.2017 The Manager discussion group on Air Pollution Control offers managing directors twice a year the opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss current shared topics.

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Christine Montigny

Technical Manager Air Pollution Control


+49 (69) 6603 1860


+49 (69) 6603 2860


Astrid Medinger

Assistant Air Pollution Control, Public Relations, Blue Competence


+49 (69) 6603 1859


+49 (69) 6603 2859


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